Newsletter 10th April 2013

The Village Turners Wed. 1Oth April.

Information for U3A members by Stan Knowles.

Hl folks, Some types of wood you will be turning and finishing.

Softwood and hardwood.

Softwood is mostly Pine, easy to turn and finish but not much character. The hardwoods grown in the UK, Elm, Ash, Oak, Sycamore are the most familiar but some can cause problems in finishing. Ash, Oak and some Mahogany have an open grain structure. lf you want a perfect smooth finish to these types you can use a grain filler. Small tins of Rustons grain filler are available in colours to match the wood you are using. This should be well stirred and thinned slightly with white spirit. Applied with a cloth and rubbed into the open grain, then left overnight and lightly sand off back to the original surface.

Yew is a wonderful wood to work and finish. Box wood, another very good one but usually in small sections, perfect for making light pulls and bottle tops. Boxwood is prone to splitting when drying out. There is a list of most woods pinned to the club wall which I printed out some years ago, also a separate list showing the effects some timbers can cause to your health. The woods you have to be careful of are Paduak, Iroko and Spalted woods. Always wear a mask when turning these three woods which are banned within the club.

Exotic woods should be your choice if you are looking for that extra special turning. But they can be expensive. Always test for moisture content if possible as a lot of them are only part seasoned. Lincolnshire Woodcraft at Stamford is the best in the area for supplies. Don't buy on line for blanks. I will give examples of some exotic woods in future articles.

Some turners never buy wood and rely on offcuts and logs for turning.But after you have spent hundreds of pounds on the equipment it is silly not to take advantage of the vast selection of beautiful timbers available for the sake of a few pounds.

Well that's it for another week. Keep safe when turning. Stan,