Newsletter 15th May 2013

The Village Turners, lnfo for U3A members. Wed. May 15th 2013

By Stan Knowles

Places that you can buy all those bits and bobs for woodturning. Suppliers like Lincolnshire Woodcraft at Stamford have a large assortment of blanks and boards of both home grown and exotic timbers, also finishes, glues and sanding materials.

Tuners Retreat up the A1 for 80 miles about hour and a half drive near the Blythe service station. They stock machinery, tools, craft supplies, and wood, in fact everything for wood turners.

Peter Child at Little Yeldon, down the M11. They also stock all woodturning gear.

Rutland's is an excellent mail order firm with fast delivery, they stock turning tools, chucks and equipment from the USA trade name Dakota. These are of a high quality with low prices. Well worth having their catalogue.

Axminster - one of the favourite suppliers. The nearest branch to visit is Nuneaton, if you want a day out.

MAC Timber is in Lower Benefield, through Oundle. He usually has open days when you can buy your wood. He has a good assortment of home grown hardwoods in blanks and boards. Also he usually stocks Wellingtonia ln large blanks.

lnfo on Wellingtonia: This is a pine, it is a Giant Sequoia tree from California which was brought over to the UK to commemorate the Duke of Wellington. They are the largest trees on earth, although not the tallest. They grow up to 300 feet tall by 39 feet in diameter and can live for 3500 years, so when you turn a piece of Wellingtonia you can tell people the history of the wood.

I have made it a life time study of these giant trees and others, how they grow, their life cycle etc. lf you would be interested I could do some articles on the subject. Please let me know.


That's your lot for this week. Stan.