Newsletter 1st May 2013

Village Turners.

lnfo for U3a Members by Stan Knowles. May 1st 2013

Over the last few months you have got used to the club lathes. Some of you who do not own a lathe may consider buying one. But what to buy? Mostly it depends on how much you wish to spend, also how much room you have and where to put it. The sky's the limit on lathe and accessories prices. Among all the Manufacturers you cannot beat Axminster for price and reliability. But the prices just keep going up all the time. A good used machine may be your best bet; they are usually sold with a chuck and tools. Whether a belt change of speed or variomatic or electronic is your own choice. Belt change you are used to, the club yellow lathe is variomatic and then the electronic speed control. Three choices. Belt change can be a bit of a pain and takes time. Variomatic is very easy with very little to go wrong. The electronic speed controller is of course the best and the most expensive, also if it does go wrong it will cost a lot to repair. My choice for hobby turning would be the variomatic, although it is usually installed on the larger lathes like the yellow club lathe.

How about the chucks? There are several good ones to choose from, again, it depends on what you want to spend. Warco and Dakota at present costs about £70, these come complete with jaws and a screw chuck. Axminster K10 chuck and jaws will cost almost double that price but they are very good quality. There are several more expensive ones on the market worth looking at.

Turning tools. You all know the tools in common use in the club. lf you buy your own, the prices vary considerably. For hobby and light trade use Hamlet, Crown, Record Power etc. They will serve you well. Then there are the upmarket tools with better steel, better design and of course very expensive. lt is not wise to purchase a boxed set of turning tools, it is better to buy them individually, Second hand if you can get them.

Specialist tools come in all sorts of sizes and prices. Mostly very

expensive and some are difficult to use.

That's all folks, Stan