Newsletter 24th April 2013

Village Turners lnfo for U3A Members, April 24th 2013 by Stan Knowles

Two more woods you may be interested in.

Spalted woods - Almost any wood can be spalted, a log lying in contact with earth will attract fungus after a few months, this discolours the wood with the dark streaks. There is a fine line between spalted and rotten. The latter can be dangerous to turn. Lathe speed should be reduced when turning. The softer parts may fall out, super glue can help. Some say the dust from spalted wood is dangerous but is not totally proven. As there may be a health problem, it is banned within the club.

Brown Oak- This is normal oak which has been attacked by the beef-steak fungus, it discolours the oak to a dark brown with very dark streaks and closes the grain structure. lt is great to turn and finish.

Putting your blank on the chuck - should you have a recess or a spigot?
Hard wood - you should have no problem with a recess, the chuck jaws are expanding so don't overdo the pressure or it will burst the recess.
Don't forget when hollowing out a bowl to remember the recess and not to go through the bottom.
With very soft woods it is safer to go for a spigot as the chuck jaws are in compression.

Wherever possible bring the tail stock up for support.

An alternative to a chuck is the face plate. lf you prefer to have a flat bottom to your bowl without a recess. You will need to super glue an inch thick waste wood disk to your blank then screw the face plate to this, making sure the screws don't go into the blank, you can then turn and finish your bowl. Once completed, you then part off the waste disk. lf you have access to button jaws, sometimes called Cole jaws, you can reverse turn, part off and finish the bottom off. One thing you have to consider is the diameter of your bowl must be within the scope of the Cole jaws and the rim of your turning is the right shape for the buttons to grip without your turning flying off the lathe.

You can also use a face plate instead of a screw chuck, especially if the wood is very soft or spalted.

That's all folks until next week. Stan.