Newsletter 27th March 2013

Village Turners. lnformation for U3A members, Wed 27th March 2013.


Hi Folks, How fast should I set my Lathe? A question often asked.

Before you even start, have a look at the belt position on the lathe or ask a club member for advice. Decide what you are going to turn, the larger the piece of wood the slower the lathe speed. Be careful with out of balance lumps, no matter what the size, it could fly off until you get it turned to a round. Watch out for any bark which is still attached, it sometimes comes off in big lumps.

Most of the club lathes need the belt moved to change the speed. If you don't know how, ask a V.T. member. Without going into formulas for calculating the speed required I have included a small chart showing these which are based on the diameter of the wood and the speed of the lathe spindle with a cutting speed of 26 feet per second.

These are just a guide; it depends on the type of wood, with or without the tailstock, out of balance etc. Any wood with a diameter of over 4”, the corners should be cut off before turning.

On the small club lathes the middle belt position should be OK for most work, but take advice.

Sanding should be done at lower speeds as it generates heat, wood does not like heat and a lot of hardwoods will check, that is, minute cracks will appear like old china. Even buffing friction polish can cause too much heat with high speed setting.

Just a recap on last week regarding Tack Cloth. This is a small gauze like fabric impregnated with resin, use it to remove all dust particles before your finishing coat. Cost -£1 each, in packets of 3 or 10, lasts a long time if put back in packet after use.

That is all for this week. Regards Stan.


Please also look at the Rim Speed calculator in the Articles section.