Newsletter 29th May 2013

Village Turners. lnfo for U3A members. May 29th 2013

By Stan Knowles

Sometime in the future you may be tempted to try segmented or laminated turning. Unfortunately you do require access to machinery other than a lathe. The easiest is laminated, to make a simple small vase or goblet, you start with a block of wood say 2 1/2 inch square by 6 inches long. Glue four pieces of a different coloured wood 4 1/2 inches long by 2 inch wide by half inch thick to each side, central on the block which must be dead square and smooth. A good combination is a walnut block with sycamore side pieces. lf you turn it with curves in both directions, the sycamore will become oval or round patches on the walnut. The effect  changes by the turning. The most important thing is that it must be centred very accurately or the patches will be different sizes.

Left hand collection is padauk and sycamore. A bad combination, as the padauk colour leeches into the sycamore when applying a liquid finish. Look at the right hand vase. Wax only is the best finish in this case. Right hand collection is walnut and sycamore.

Segmented work is a different kettle of fish. The machinery required would be means of ripping, planning and cross cutting the wood to various angles and unlike turning from a solid blank, you have to design it on paper and calculate all the dimensions and bevels. My workshop is dedicated towards segmented work and has a multitude of machines, but is has taken many years to achieve this.

One turning tool that I have not mentioned in the past is a ring tool, this is a ring 12mm or 25mm in diameter brazed onto a steel shaft, the ring is sharpened on both sides with a bevel on one side, it is a hollowing tool, presented flat against the inner side of the bowl. ln this position it will not cut,  by turning the tool gently clockwise, it begins to cut. The further you turn the tool the deeper the cut and too much and it will tear the tool out of your hand. lt is used by pulling the tool towards you. I use the 25mm size because it does not clog up so easy. I find it is easy to use but some are not too keen on them and it does take a little practice to get used to them.

That's all for now.