Newsletter 5th June 2013

The Village Turners. lnfo for U3A members. June 5th 2013.

By Stan Knowles.

Hi, over the past weeks my weekly info sheet seems to have been of some interest to the U3A members. For myself being an onlooker, now that age is catching up with me, I see how much that the U3A members have improved at the lathes. You are now excellent turners, every bit as good as some club members and you should be applauded for that. You the U3A are so dedicated and eager to turn that no time is wasted, and upon arrival you all start turning. The lady members are fantastic with their turnings. Our club members must be appreciated for their teaching skills and more and more of our own members helping out on the Wednesdays.

The Village Turners have now got over 50 members with new members joining all the time. We have entered into a new era in the club with a bright future. With the increase of membership space is at a premium, but I am sure our committee will sort that out.

I wonder if U3A members are keeping some of their turnings. lf so a display and some form of competition later in the year could take place, if so wished. I personally would like to see a competition with all U3A members entering using some of the tips, techniques and skills that they have gained from the one to one teaching, and the weekly news letters that I produce.

I feel that you are all at a standard whereby you could showcase your talents and work. We could use this work on the table for U3A enrolment day, which would show people what can be achieved, and how rewarding learning to turn can be. You all should be proud of your achievements. I am pleased to see the development and progress that every U3A member has made over the last eighteen months. Confidence has increased, skills and knowledge have improved, and reliance on help from the Village Turners members has decreased. All of this shows that the improvement in ability from the U3A members is getting better as time goes by.

Taking into account all of the above I propose a competition to make a turned piece of your choice, it can be a bowl, a vase, a platter, a laminated piece, or a segmented piece. lt can anything that you feel confident in turning, any style any size, be creative, have fun.

The video that is on You Tube, showing U3A members at the lathes is terrific and those with internet should watch it if you can.

Thanks and good luck. Stan.