Newsletter 8th May 2013

Village Turners. lnfo for U3A Members

by Stan Knowles. May 8th. 2013.

Dust extraction. The smaller the workshop the dust will become more lethal. I have several machines in my workshop due to the type of work I do, each machine has its own dust extractor attached to it. Most of you will only have the lathe to consider.

The dust extractor needed for sanding is the fine filter type, this has to filter down to half a micron. They come with either a 62mm or 100mm diameter hoses. They are based on a steel drum with two different filter bags inside. Camvac is one of many who supply this type. You can buy a special hood to fit on the hose end and locate it above the lathe.

The type of extractors which has an external single or double cloth bag are for chippings and sawdust and will not filter the fine dust produced when sanding.

Another type of fine dust extractor is a one which you can hang up or stand close to the sanding, an example is Micro Clean. These come in various sizes depending on the volume of your workshop. They are expensive, starting at just over £100 for the smallest which is about 9" diameter by 9" high.

An ordinary paper face mask is better than nothing. Then there are respirators. These will filter the dust as you breathe. Top of the range would be the self-contained respirator, this has its own air supply, this type is very expensive. The problem with these are that they only safeguard the person on the machine, Any onlooker will be exposed and the workshop will get covered in dust, so you would have to use one in conjunction with a dust extraction system.

The level of danger from dust also depends on the type of wood that you are turning. Some are very bad such as Laburnum, Iroko, spalted woods etc. A list of similar health problems associated with wood dust is printed out and pinned to the club wall.

All these extra things like dust extraction will cost money, but it is all part of wood turning. There are not many cheap hobbies these days.

That's all for this week. Stan